Naveed Mahbub’s Humorous Interview with Asaduzzaman Noor, MP – Bangla

My humorous interview with Asaduzzaman Noor in 2012, then MP (not a minister yet) at an ‘all inclusive’ Parliament as he talks about the history of Baker Bhai, the possibility of Baker Bhai 2, his favorite pocket comb, hair styles, troubles on stage as an actor,…and of course, his ‘interesting’ experiences at the Parliament.

Naveed Mahbub is a stand-up comedian (Best Male Comedian, Play Vegas Stage, 2007 Las Vegas Comedy Festival), Engineer (Ford, Qualcomm, Kyocera Wireless,Takata in the US), CEO (IBM, Nokia Siemens Networks in Bangladesh), writer (Humorously Yours), TV host (The Naveed Mahbub Show), motivational speaker, corporate trainer.

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